About ForensiGraph®

The ForensiGraph® was originally designed as a tool to be used in clinical, forensic, healthcare,and scientific settings to provide support for professional and amateur photographers to achieve reliable measurement and appropriate determination of true colour.  It has become widely used in those settings by forensic and healthcare professionals  and photographic practitioners including hospital-based photographers, crime scene investigators, scenes of crime officers, police personnel and forensic physicians,  forensic pathologists, emergency medicine specialists and paediatricians. It has been found to be of great use in many other commercial and private settings where measurement and colour comparison may be important. These include commercial laboratories,  engineering departments,  marine services, surveyors, veterinary offices, agriculture, anthropology and archaeology. The ForensiGraph®  includes centimetre and inch linear scales, circular scales, colour (precise RGB colour values are  shown on the colour chart  on this website) and black/white/grey comparisons and space for image/exhibit ID (using erasable pencil). The ForensiGraph®   comes in a number of  formats and sizes. These include robust, semi-rigid plastic versions (from 5 to 50cm)  with a matt surface designed to minimise flare and allow flash photography, thereby avoiding as far as possible large hot spots.   Peelable, paper,  single-use  2″/5cm and 6″/12cm versions are presented in blocks or rolls of 100 for the busy practitioner or complex crime scene. When taking images of forensically important items (eg marks on a body, possible bloodstains, footwear marks), forensic scales are of great importance, to a) measure size accurately and b) to ensure that any change in colour in reproduction or copies of images is noted.  Previously this has involved the use of both measurement scales and colour palette checkers. The ForensiGraph®  allows both functions to be carried out simultaneously. Thus any images will contain accurate scales and colour reference checkers. The ForensiGraph®   includes a series of round scales  from 1-10mm and 1” that allow round objects to be assessed (eg pupil size is relevant in the assessment of those believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or those being monitored neurologically after head trauma). The ForensiGraph® raft of products now comprises a range of scale sizes in the standard semi-rigid plastic format  (right angle, 2”/5cm, 3”/9cm, 4”/10cm, 6”/15cm,  30cm/12″ and 20”/50cm)  and 2″/5cm paper, peelable,  single-use (in a 100 post-it sticker format) or a  12cm/6″ paper, peelable,disposable (as a 100 roll format). Please contact for discount terms if larger orders (>20 per item) are required.