The ForensiBag® is a zip-opening, single use, paper envelope for single-dose provision of medication by healthcare professionals in a variety of settings (eg prison and police custody), and prompts labelling that conforms to current best practice. The zip-opening feature ensures that tampering or removal of medication from the sealed bag is obvious, assisting with security and audit of medicines management. Please contact for prices.

  • 125mm x 97mm White 90gsm Cartridge Gummed Pockets, Zip Opening
  • Made from a mixture of recycled paper and Elemental Chlorine Free pulp sourced
  • from trees grown in sustainably managed forests.
  • The envelopes are 100 % Recyclable

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“For us the introduction and use of the ForensiBag® has improved safety and compliance for all concerned. The detention officers are delighted, now each envelope contains only a single dose, they simply hand the envelope to the detained person and supervise the self-administration. Any unused medication is handed back in the tamper evident envelopes and I as the Lead Nurse can clearly demonstrate a clear audit trail of all medication.”

From a Custody Lead Nurse and a Chief Inspector